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W-O-W! Rarely is there a product in market where the brand describes exactly what it does and live up to its name! Unstick is a must have product for any household whether they are a foodie, CEO MOM, or a domestic goddess. It makes cooking and bbqing so effortless and clean up afterwards is super easy! I would recommend this to all my friends and family and can’t wait to buy the other sheets and liners.

N. Luu


I bought the cake & loaf liners not knowing what to expect.  The instructions said that there was no need to grease the liner.  To be honest I was a little skeptical but I followed the instructions.   I made a coffee cake and I couldn’t believe how easy the cake was to take out.  The instructions on the package were right—my coffee cake turned out perfect!   I was very impressed and I will definitely be telling all of my friends about this new product.



My neighbor bought 3 of the products at the Beer & BBQ Show—she loved them so much, she convinced me to buy some. I bought the BBQ Grilling Sheet & the Cake & Loaf Liners. I grilled chicken and fish on the BBQ sheet and both came out perfect—I couldn’t believe how easily the fish and chicken came off. Clean up was so easy too. Just love this product and I’ll certainly be buying some more as gifts.



We had a bbq on the weekend and all of our friends were amazed at how easily the food comes off. Everyone should own the BBQ Grilling Sheet. I can’t wait to try the other products!



My wife and I bought a couple of your products at the Delicious Food Show last weekend. We bought the baking sheet and BBQ sheet. Although I haven’t had a chance to use the BBQ one yet, my wife has been using the baking sheet almost every day. She loves it. Nothing sticks to it and it’s easy to clean off.

Thanks for making a wonderful product.

Annette & Steve


I love all of the products I have tried!  The liners make baking, cooking and BBQ a breeze!  Clean up is really easy too!  My loaf just falls right off and the liner peels off cleanly without any grease added to the pan!  The BBQ sheet is amazing!!!  I have tried making fish, chicken and veggies and all come easily right off the pan and cook evenly.  I would highly recommend this product to all of my family and friends.

Mrs Marshall


Two words:  Love it!



Bought 1 through 4 yesterday at the Beer & BBQ Show. Baked a cheese cake last night using the cake and loaf liner and steak this morning. Both came out great! Steaks were nice and juicy and such an easy cleaning of the sheet. Have the oven liner in and will be trying the bbq grilling sheet tonight with chicken. Looking forward to many years of cooking/grilling/baking on this product. Thanks so much for introducing them to me.”



Let me first say that I am not a person that buys a lot of kitchen gadgets but I saw this product line and thought it looked like a great idea. I purchased 4 of the items but so far have only used the bbq sheet and the baking sheet. I am thrilled with both! It’s so nice to bbq and not have to struggle to pull things off of the grills. Everything just lifts right off. You even still get grilling lines on the meat. Amazing! I recently cooked chicken in the oven on the baking sheet. I prefer my chicken very well done. It came out very crispy and lifted right off of the sheet. Clean up is a quick wipe with a paper towel and then a little warm soapy water and you are all done. I am very pleased with the products that I have used so far and will definitely recommend them to friends. I am thinking some may be getting them for Xmas gifts.


St. Thomas

This product works unbelievably!

Chef Darryl Fletcher

Celebrity Chef & TV Personality

I really enjoy using UNSTICK products. As a stay at home mom, I’m on kitchen duty all day everday. I appreciate how UNSTICK works seamlessly with a variety of foods from the stove top to the barbecue. Little or no oil encourages healthy eating, but what Ifind most satisfying is the quick clean. Because foods don’t stick to the liners and they cool quickly I can clean up faster. Less mess, less aggravation more happiness!



I’m a guy so I don’t normally write reviews, but after trying the BBQ sheet, I felt the need to write something. I made bbq chicken, ribs and grilled potatoes on the BBQ sheet and couldn’t believe how easy the food came off. Both my ribs and chicken literally slid right off the sheet–and they were pretty saucy. Same with the potatoes. The best part for me was not having to worry about cleaning a messy grill afterwards, and the bbq sheet was easy to clean too.



I bought the BBQ, frying pan & cake/loaf liners for Mother’s Day and my mom LOVED it!



I love the BBQ sheet!  It grills everything evenly and locks all the flavours into your meat.  The sheet also makes clean up so easy!  I love this product and would highly recommend it!



This product is a MUST for anyone that cooks.  Absolutely nothing sticks and the time saved during clean up is amazing!

Tanya Scata

Renowned Food Stylist

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